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Contents of FAQ’s:

  1. Course Requirements
  2. General Info (including Joshua’s Law)
  3. Behind-the-Wheel Driving
  4. New Student Tips


1.  Course Requirements
What is required to receive a certificate?

In order to be eligible to take the final, each student must:


If I finish all the tests do I still have to have 30 hours?
Yes! As stated in the Agreement and according to DDS requirements, you must log at least 30 hours in this program, as well as complete all the requirements in order to receive a certificate. If you finish early, our suggestion will be for you to return and read or work on bringing your workbook scores up in order to log the time.

How does the “course timer” work?
The course timer does not calculate all the time you spend in the course textbook, workbook, quizzes and tests. It will time every page up to a normal reading time and then stop. Once you turn the page, it starts again. This is to keep students from turning on the computer and walking away. **NO EXCEPTIONS**


2. General Info
What are the “Joshua’s Law” requirements?

See all the new requirements on the Georgia Dept. of Driver Services website (
You must complete an approved 30-hour DE course if you want a license before your 17th birthday.

Where can I find other Georgia requirements?
Click on the Georgia Department of Driver Services website at:
http://www.dds.ga.gov. These requirements are also discussed on p. 10 of Module 1 in your textbook.

Is this program licensed by the state of Georgia for teen licensing for Joshua’s Law?
YES! Costech Training School is a licensed limited driver training school in the state of Georgia. This method of providing driver education was created specifically to satisfy this new legislation.


3. Behind-the-Wheel Driving
Do I have to go to a driving school to get any driving?

The driving requirement may be satisfied by driving 6 hours with a professional teacher. Use the link above to register for your Behind-the-Wheel driving instruction with one of Jireh Driving School's DDS certified instructors. 

Does this program allow me to get an insurance discount?
Answer: Not by itself! You’ll need to show a certificate from this course and one for driving 6 hours with a licensed driving school in Georgia. We highly recommend you discuss this with your agent. We have found that although it is not required at the state level, there have been many local agents that recognize our virtual program due its comprehensive curriculum. 

Where can I get the driving log?
You can pick one of these up at the licensing offices, it's in the Georgia 40-hour parent guide.
Print one from the DDS website (links are provided from our site below and in the program.)
Georgia 40-hour parent guide


4. New Student Tips
What are some tips and suggestions for new students?

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